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An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Pre-Decision Agreement, Group Development, and Communication Style on Group Decision Making Performance

24 July 2009


This study examined the hypotheses that communication style would mediate the relationship between pre-decision agreement and group added value and that this relationship would be moderated by Forming or Feedback. Seventy-five 3-person groups from a university in the Pacific Northwest participated in the study (Mean age 20.71 years). Eighty-eight percent were Caucasian, 70% female, 30% male. Two survival tasks were given individually and as a group and pre-decision agreement was measured. Moderated mediation analysis revealed that Forming moderated the first stage of the model using tentative language as the mediator. Groups that formed were less hesitant, regardless of level of pre-decision agreement, but this did not impact outcome. Possible explanations and suggestions for future research are provided.


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