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A clinical evaluation of a new rigid gas permeable multi-purpose, multi-action solution by Alcon among flurosilicone and silicone acrylate rigid gas permeable contact lens wearers

1 May 2001


Alcon has obtained FDA clearance for a multi-purpose solution for the care of rigid gas permeable contact lenses. In this study, sixteen subjects, all present rigid gas permeable contact lens wearers, participated in a three-month study of the multi-purpose solution. The subjects were experienced wearing rigid gas permeable contact lenses on daily wear schedules. On day zero, subjects were required to wear their pre-study lenses and not be fit with new lenses. The study was a three-month, open-label study. On each visit, the investigator examined the study subjects eyes and condition of their lenses. The subjects completed a questionnaire and Likert scales regarding their lens wear experience. The study showed that the solution was not adequate for patient use by itself. The main reasons include the subjects did not prefer the solution over their old solution and the fact that many of the subjects were symptomatic over the ninety day period of the study.


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