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A subjective comparison of unilateral photorefractive keratectomy vs. daily disposable soft contact lenses

1 May 1997


BACKGROUND: Daily disposable soft contact lenses have provided a new level of convenience for patients who are non-compliant or sensitive to preserved lens care regimens. Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is becoming the surgery of choice for permanent refractive error correction. Subjects who underwent unilateral PRK were fitted with one day disposable contact lenses on the unoperated eye. The patients were surveyed pre-operatively to determine their past experience with contact lenses and their reasons for pursuing refractive surgery. The subjects were again surveyed six months post-operatively to compare the subjective response of the post surgical eye vs. the eye wearing the contact lens. Of particular interest was whether being aware of the option of a one day disposable lens would have influenced the subjects decision to pursue refractive surgery.

METHODS: Eighty-three subjects ranging in age from 21 to 61 years underwent unilateral PRK. The unoperated eye was fitted with a One Day Acuvue disposable lens. The subjects refractive errors ranged from -1.00 to -6.00 diopters with less than -0.75 diopters of refractive astigmatism.

RESULTS: Most respondents found the contact lens to be comfortable, yet 89% stated that they would still have pursued the refractive surgery even if they had been aware of the One Day Acuvue contact lens. The eye that underwent the PRK was found to be significantly more comfortable than the eye wearing the contact lens however, vision at night was significantly better with the eye_ wearing the contact lens. Vision during the day was better than vision at night through both modalities.

CONCLUSION: Most subjects found the daily disposable lens to be comfortable and easy to handle yet, they preferred the overall performance of the post surgical eye.


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