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Research Article

Action Research as an Instructional Strategy for Faculty and Teacher Development in Educational Technology

1 January 2008


This paper reports the outcomes of a preliminary study on embedding action research as an instructional strategy for faculty and teacher development in a Masters level educational technology course. An entry survey as well as pre- and post-tests based on NETS for teacher literacy were analyzed to determine the candidates’ perceptions and progress as a result of the intervention. The results indicate an increase in perceived ability and marked progress in each of the six NETS performance indicators. Candidates attributed this improvement both to enhanced exposure to other educators’ efforts in the field as well as their own individual project experiences. Keeping abreast of technological advancements and learning how to effectively integrate them into practice are ongoing challenges for 21st century educators. Embedding Action Research as an instructional strategy shows promise for directing both instructors and candidates on a positive learning trajectory towards improved practice.


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