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Correlation of performance between Eyespan, Wayne Saccadic Fixator, Accuvision, and Reaction Plus

1 April 1997


This study investigated the relationship between performance on the Eyespan 2064, Wayne Saccadic Fixator and Accuvision 1000. Additionally, this study investigated whether a correlation exists between measures of reaction and response times as measured by the Reaction Plus, and eye hand coordination as measured with these three devices. In Phase I, forty four subjects were assigned a random order of testing for the Eyespan, Wayne and Accuvision. Phase II consisted of testing all forty four subjects on the Reaction Plus. Statistical analysis did not show a significant relationship for performance on the Accuvision versus the Eyespan or Wayne. However, a significant correlation did exist between reaction time and performance on all three instruments. Response time showed a correlation with the Eyespan and Accuvision, but not with the Wayne. These results indicate that although there is some relationship between eye-hand reaction and/or response speeds with all three of these instruments, performance cannot reliably be compared between these eyehand devices.


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