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Manufacturing Understanding: Brain-based Learning and the Internet in the High School Classroom

1 November 2001


Over the past ten years, two remarkable influences have begun to make their mark on the high school classroom in an effort to make the high school more meaningful and worthwhile. One is, without question, the influence of the IInternet on curriculum, course work and student behavior. Second, and less well-known, is the rise of brain-based theories of educational instruction. Both hold the promise of radically changing the nature of classroom instruction, yet both are struggling to be implemented in such a way as to genuinely improve education. That is, for the web's promise of revolutionizing education to be fulfilled, teachers must be prepared to invest a significant amount of time and effort to design curricular units which integrate the web in such a way as to direct and engage students to be responsible for their own learning. Furthermore, this engagement must motivate students to take risks, do more than they are asked and enjoy learning. Thus, the issue of boredom is replaced with the happy problem of students wanting (and, sometimes, even demanding) to understand.


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