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Analysis of a service learning program: A partnership between a local nursery and middle school

21 August 1995


Research suggests that students involved in service learning programs have increased problem-solving skills (Hedin and Conrad 1991). Hedin and Conrad (1991) also found that students involved gained in social and personal responsibility, along with having higher self-esteem and more favorable attitudes towards adults. This qualitative study examines the effects of a service learning program on 36 eighth graders. The goal of this research paper is to explain why this program works and how a service learning program can be implemented, along with how it is making education relevant to students. The concept of service learning will be explained and defined in the review of the literature. The results of the research support previous research in the effects this service learning program has on its students, but these students were not compared to other eighth graders not involved in the program. Analysis of this program concludes that the partnership between the middle school and the nursery is very beneficial to both parties. The study promotes using some aspects of service learning in any program, not just one geared toward service learning.


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