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Subjective preference of corneal refractive therapy vs thirty day extended wear

1 May 2004


Recently, two new contact lens wearing modalities have been introduced into the marketplace, 30-day continuous wear silicone hydrogel soft lenses and overnight corneal reshaping with Paragon CRT lenses. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the subjective response and overall patient preference to the two modalities. Nineteen subjects participated in this patient controlled, cross-over study. This included fourteen males and five females. Sixteen of the original nineteen subjects completed the study. Fifteen of the subjects were current soft lens wearers and four were wearing spectacle lenses. Subjects were randomly placed into one of the contact lens modalities for six weeks. Following a one month washout period, subjects were crossed over to the second modality for an additional six weeks. Following the wearing of each modality, the subjects graded their subjective responses on a 50 point analog scale. The subjective findings were as follows: overall visual acuity was better with N&D, overall comfort - no difference, day-time dryness was better with CRT, evening dryness was better with CRT, overall handling was better with N&D. With regard to overall forced choice preference, 10 subjects preferred the Night & Day continuous wear lenses, five subjects preferred corneal reshaping with Paragon CRT and 1 subject preferred their daily disposable soft lenses. The results of this study appear to emphasize two facts. First, 15 of the 16 subjects preferred either 30-day continuous wear or corneal refractive therapy over their current correction modality. Secondly, no one lens modality is appropriate for all individuals. Therefore, patients should be presented with all contemporary contact lens options (daily disposable lenses, continuous wear lenses and corneal refractive therapy) and let the patient's individual preference, work, hobbies etc, dictate which is most appropriate for them.


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