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Transmission of Community Trauma in Latinos: Del Monte Raid

13 March 2011


This paper reviews the literature on transmission of a community trauma from undocumented Latino parents to their children. The focus of the current literature review is on a specific immigration raid and its impact on both immigrant and non-immigrant communities in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. The literature reveals the need to understand how the worksite enforcement operations may affect not only the generation that was directly traumatized, but also the subsequent generations. This paper reviews the evidence of intergenerational transmission of trauma associated with undocumented status, and the potential negative effects of raids on the immigrant families’ mental health. This literature also shows the need to provide culturally sensitive interventions to Latino immigrants and the development of community based programs in order to minimize the transmission of the impact of traumatic experiences such as the Del Monte raid across generations. Limitations and directions for future research are discussed.


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