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Teachers and at-risk students in three elementary school classrooms

1 January 1995


One of the most frequently used educational buzz words heard in school hallways today is "at-risk". At-risk has almost become a blanket term for students with varied and complex problems. In order to successfully teach at-risk students, teachers have to be able to adjust their styles to their students' difficulties. As the literature has shown, there is neither a magic method nor one highly recommended method· to successfully teach at-risk students. This project focused upon three elementary teachers with different teaching styles and their interactions with at-risk students. One teacher flourished through patience and manipulatives, while another utilized a no-nonsense approach and the third succeeded through humor and personality. The study found that most successful teachers of at-risk students give their students positive school experiences and opportunities to achieve successes. The study also suggests that successful teachers of at-risk students genuinely care about the futures of each and every one of their students.


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