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The efficacy of optometric vision training for altering eye movement patterns--A literature review

1 January 1991


It has been shown that people who exhibit inadequate reading performance often have deficient eye movement skills. Inefficient readers may demonstrate poor fixations, regressions, saccades or any combination of these factors. Can eye movements be altered or improved by instituting a program of visual training? Will reading performance increase as a result of more efficient eye movement patterns? It is the intent of this review to explore these relationships and to show that there is indeed a correlation between eye movements and reading performance. This review examines and asks several questions: (1) Where should the focus of a remedial effort be focused for those persons exhibiting poor reading ability and concurrently demonstrating inefficient eye movement skills? (2) What are the possible causes of deficient eye movements and/or reading ability? (3) Background physiological information about eye movements and their recording systems are presented. (4) Several studies dealing with the modification of eye movements are reviewed. (5) Finally, concluding remarks are offered as to what inferences and conclusions can be drawn from the available literature.


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