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The effectiveness of early intervention for violent juvenile offenders

26 July 2013


Research on the effectiveness of intervention programs has suggested that violent and nonviolent offenders benefit from different interventions, with violent offenders benefitting more from intensive interventions. To date, no research has been conducted to examine the effectiveness of the Early Intervention Program (EIP) at the Washington County Juvenile Department (WCJD) for violent and nonviolent offenders; rather, research on the EIP has been focused on the overall effectiveness of the program. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the EIP at the WCJD for violent offenders. It was hypothesized that violent juvenile offenders would be more likely to complete the EIP than would nonviolent offenders because the EIP is an intensive intervention. Using a sample of 81 youths who were enrolled in the EIP in 2009, the outcomes of youths with violent and nonviolent offenses were compared. Although a chi-square test revealed no significant differences, results of a z test indicated a significant difference between the proportion of violent and nonviolent juvenile offenders who successfully completed the EIP, with the violent offenders being more likely to successfully complete the EIP.


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