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Using the Environmental Deprivation Scale to predict hospitalization: A pilot study

1 January 1983


This study has investigated whether the Environmental Deprivation Scale is capable of generating significant multiple regression equations that predict hospitalization, number of admissions and length of hospital stay for a chronic schizophrenic population. The Scale was distributed in questionnaire form to 109 chronic schizophrenic patients of the East Multnomah County Mental Health Clinic in Portland, Oregon. Analysis of the 38 questionnaires returned indicated that the demographic variables measured by the Scale generated regression equations that are significant at the p < .016 level and which account for a high proportion of the sample variance. The results indicated that further work on the Scale with a chronic schizophrenic population is justified. It would seem to have good potential utility in a mental health clinic setting as an outpatient instrument to assess the individual patient's risk level for re-hospitalization, short term readmission, and length of hospital stay. Finally, the results indicated that the instrument appears capable of generating predictor variables for the Portland area chronic schizophrenic population of mental health clinics. Larger samples and cross-validation procedures are the next steps in fully developing the instrument for these purpose.


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