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Hypothetical development of a new service delivery system

20 December 1992


There is continuing evidence of significant economic and social changes currently occurring within our society compared to historical norms encompassing the past 200 years. There is also evidence that these changes may be adversely affecting specific population segments in our society by subjecting them to stressors and problems that they, and the society supporting them, are not readily prepared to deal with using the support, helping institutions and social infrastructure that currently exist. It is posited that the current mental health service delivery system, while well intended and able to render some types of help effectively, when viewed in sum reflects the weaknesses of the broader support infrastructure of which it is a part. It is further hypothesized, using specific target populations affected by the current social changes as examples, that the mental health service delivery system could serve as a viable testing ground for changes in service delivery that would address these weaknesses. The knowledge and information required to address these weaknesses as well as a model of a service delivery organization and facility that reflects the evolutionary changes necessary to address the identified weaknesses in the current system is presented.


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