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Pacific University College of Optometry patient education videotape

1 May 1997


The patient waiting for an exam in a waiting room of Pacific's Optometry Clinics is in many ways left adrift. Currently, they are asked to fill out pre-exam paperwork and then are left to read an assortment of magazines. Many of these patients may have questions about the treatment they are about to receive. This may be their first eye appointment, in which case they have no idea what to expect. Some may have received care from other practitioners, but wonder how an exam by an optometrist and/or at a teaching institution will differ from what they are used to. In addition, most patients are not familiar with the full scope of optometric services available. They (or someone they know) may be experiencing symptoms which they have felt were either beyond help or outside the realm of optometry. The time spent waiting should be taken better advantage of, both for their as well as Pacific's benefit. This is a golden opportunity to educate them by turning the "waiting room" into a "patient education room." This can lead only to an enhanced image for the profession and this institution, which will lead to an increased level and coverage of care within the populace. At the same time, this should enhance clinic patient loads. Viewers of the Pacific University College of Optometry Patient Education Videotape will develop an understanding of where optometry falls within the spectrum of eye care services, the scope of optometric care, what to expect during their exam and what Pacific Optometry has to offer them (and other potential patients they may know of) in terms of services and locations. A final subject area to be covered includes education on some of the rights of the vision care patient. The videotape uses language accessible to the average high school-aged layman and is short enough (18 minutes) that many patients will be able to view it in its entirety. The video was developed solely for use in Pacific Optometry clinic waiting rooms.


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