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Police Officer Satisfaction with the Portland Providence Triage Center

1 August 1993


An abstract of the clinical research project of Kelly Mahara Charles for the degree of Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies: August 1, 1999. Title: Police Officer Satisfaction with Portland Providence Crisis Triage Center. Objective. The purpose of this study was to examine police officer satisfaction with the Portland Providence Crisis Triage Center (CTC). Methods. A client satisfaction survey of thirty-five police officers who had transported patients to the Portland Providence Crisis Triage Center (eTC) was conducted between May 24 and July 1, 1999. Satisfaction was measured on a four point Likert scale, questioning eight components of service provided by the CTC, primarily to police officers in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Results. A total of thirty-five surveys were analyzed. Both the median and mode overall satisfaction ratings were four on a four point maximum-satisfaction scale. Seventy-two percent of all responses to all questions were four. Twenty-six percent of responses were three. Less than three percent of the respondents rated any question less than three. Qualitative data revealed several respondents concerned with limiting divert status and listening to the mobile radio. The remainder were primarily positive comments. Conclusions. Study findings suggest that the police officers are generally satisfied with the Portland Providence Crisis Triage Center.


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