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The impact father involvement has on their children's education, K-12th grade: A review of the literature

25 July 2003


Research on the salience of fathers' roles in involvement in their children's lives has been vastly combined and congruently researched over the last century with the importance of mother's involvement. Therefore, the specific influences that fathers have on their children's education have gone largely unrevealed. This manuscript gives an exhaustive review of the published literature on multiple aspects of father participation/involvement and the impact that those aspects have on their children's education, kindergarten through the 12th grade. The majority of the literature reviewed indicated that children with highly involved, encouraging, consistent, available, and/or present fathers possessed more mature psychological characteristics like higher self-confidence or self-esteem. In addition, the research indicated children of highly involved fathers also possessed skills such as better analytical thought and judgment processes, as well as better scholastic performance.


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