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Yearly cost of the nine major soft contact lens care systems

1 May 2000


The goal of this project is to determine the yearly cost of nine major soft contact lens care systems. Each contact lens system was used by ten subjects over a two-week period. At the end of this period the amount of solution used was determined and extrapolated out to 365 days. Yearly costs were then obtained for each of the of the different contact lens care systems based on three different retailers: a grocery store, pharmacy and department store. The values obtained in this study were then used to compare the cost of contact lens solutions to daily disposable contact lenses. The results showed that the actual amount used and the manufacturer's suggested usage varied greatly. As expected, the results showed that patients use less solution then recommended by the manufacturer or practitioner. The results of this study will allow the practitioner to educate patients on the options and cost of the many different contact lens modalities.


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