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Learning Bridge Tool to Improve Student Learning, Preceptor Training, and Faculty Teamwork

1 January 2011


Objectives. To implement a Learning Bridge tool to improve educational outcomes for pharmacy students as well as for preceptors and faculty members.
Design. Pharmacy faculty members collaborated to write 9 case-based assignments that first-year pharmacy (P1) students worked with preceptors to complete while at experiential sites.
Assessment. Students, faculty members, and preceptors were surveyed about their perceptions of the Learning Bridge process. As in our pilot study,1 the Learning Bridge process promoted student learning. Additionally, the Learning Bridge assignments familiarized preceptors with the school’s P1 curriculum
and its content. Faculty teamwork also was increased through collaborating on the assignments.
Conclusions. The Learning Bridge assignments provided a compelling learning environment and benefited students, preceptors, and faculty members.


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