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An Exploratory Study on the Use of Hybrid Contact Lenses for Daily Wear Orthokeratology

23 October 2017


Purpose: This study investigated a novel method of delivering orthokeratology through a comfortable hybrid contact lens worn in the open eye for 4 hours, and compared the effects on the cornea to conventional RGP overnight orthokeratology lens data found in the literature.

Methods: Eight eyes of four subjects wore empirically ordered custom designed orthokeratology lenses in the Eyebrid hybrid lens material for 4 hours during the day while awake. Corneal topography, cornea OCT, and the appearance of the lens and cornea were recorded before and after 4 hours of lens wear. Subjects also gave subjective comfort scores from 0 (unable to tolerate) to 10 (perfect).

Results: Mean amount of corneal flattening was 2.09±1.02D with a mean treatment zone diameter of 1.98±1.01mm. 50% of the lenses were slightly decentered temporally. At least one eye in each subject had central epithelial punctate staining on the cornea after 4 hours of lens wear. Subjects reported a mean comfort rating of 7.25±0.7.

Conclusions: The amount of corneal flattening was comparable to conventional RGP ortho-K lenses, and comfort with the Eyebrid lens was rated as better than initial RGP comfort. This exploratory study may be one of the first to investigate hybrid orthokeratology lenses and its effects on the cornea. This provides the framework for future studies to assess whether orthokeratology can eventually transfer into this lens modality and decrease the number of patients sleeping in contact lenses.


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