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A clinical evaluation of the Ciba toric and Hydron toric soft contact lenses

1 April 1983


Two currently available brands of soft toric contact lenses were evaluated in a clinical setting. The study was designed to assess the overall effectiveness of the Ciba TORISOFT and the American Hydton soft toric contact lens. Each lens was judged, based on manufacturer quality control, visual acuity, how well the eye physiology adapts to the lens, how comfortable the lens is, and the durability of the lens. The Hydron Toric and the Torisoft lenses both utilize front surface toricity. The Rydron lens makes use of a prism ballast and inferior truncation for stability, while the Torisoft incorporates thin zones at 90° and 270° and no truncation to orient the lens properly. The American Hydron is constructed with an aspheric back surface in an attempt to conform to the topography of the cornea and immediately surrounding sclera. The Torisoft makes use of a spherical back surface. At the writting of this paper patients in the study have been wearing the lenses anywhere from two weeks to three months. Presently 91% of the twenty lenses initially fit are still being worn. Further data on these lenses is forthcoming in Part II of this study. Initially both lenses have shown a high level of success in all areas of investigation.


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