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Continued Service: Veteran Mental Health Providers Treating Veterans in Mental Health Settings

13 March 2019


Individuals who serve in the military become part of a unique culture with different traditions, values, and expectations. Military veterans often encounter high levels of stress, trauma, and have adjustment issues as a result of their military service, which can greatly affect their functioning throughout their life. The unique parameters of military service and the difficulties that are often encountered forge a strong bound between veterans. This study was a preliminary investigation into determining the effect of veteran status of a mental health provider on mental health treatment seeking for veterans. Veterans who endorsed variables related to greater comfort around other veterans had a significantly stronger desire for a mental health provider who is also a veteran. Participants in this study endorsed a strong preference for mental health providers who were veterans regardless of whether or not they endorsed mental health disorders related to military service or combat exposure, and whether or not they were currently seeking treatment.


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