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A literature appraisal of the efficacy of Mulligan's mobilisation with movement concept in the management of lateral epicondylalgia

1 May 2008


Overall Clinical Bottom Line: Mobilization with movement (MWM) is an effective treatment for the management of lateral epicondylalgia. However, we are unable to determine whether MWM or therapeutic exercise is more beneficial because we were unable to locate any studies directly comparing the two. Overall, the methodological quality of the studies we appraised was lower than desired. More quality research regarding this topic is warranted. Clinical Scenario: Mulligan's "mobilisation with movement" concept has been recommended by various physical therapists we have encountered as an effective intervention for various impairments encountered clinically. One of the prerequisites for appropriate utilization of the technique is the abolishment of pain with a particular movement. We found it intriguing that pain could be eliminated so quickly and with such ease, so we chose to explore the literary support for this technique. In order to maximize the ability to generalize results, we chose to limit our search to a single joint. A preliminary literature search revealed that the use of MWM to treat elbow pathology, specifically lateral epicondylalgia or "tennis elbow", was the most frequently researched. For this reason, we chose to explore the topic described below.


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