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Abdominal Surgeries in Burn Patients: Overview of Medical Complications and Non-Graft Related Surgical Procedures

1 August 2006


Complications of thermal injuries include cholecystitis, ischemic colitis, pancreatitis and other abdominal sequelae. The purpose of this study is to review one bum institution's experience with non-graft related medical and surgical complications from 1992-2005. A computerized registry was used for data collection and analysis in this retrospective chart review. 15 patients sustained non-graft related medical complications requiring general surgery. Of these complications, 66% were abdominal in nature. Average TBSA was 34%. Mean age was 57. Ischemic colitis and cholecystitis comprised the majority of complications, 27% and 23% respectfully. 34 non-graft surgeries were performed and 91 % were abdominal procedures. TBSA ~ 20% was related to an increased risk of ischemic colitis and cholecystitis. Age ~ 60 did not appear to increase risk of these complications. Sepsis and vasopressor use was associated with the development of cholecystitis. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy appears to be safe in bum patients.


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