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Later 'gator: Teaching Asian American children to cope with divorce using adaptive avoidance

10 December 2004


The New Beginnings Program (NBP) is an empirically based treatment program aimed at easing families through the divorce transition. In particular, it targets the psychological well-being of children involved in divorce. Although this treatment program has been shown to be efficacious and effective, one of its chief criticisms is that the program was normed for use on a Caucasian population and may not be applicable towards the needs of minority children. This paper makes suggestions for modifying NBP for use with Chinese American families. In particular, the paper modifies the-portions of the NBP child subprogram that address coping techniques. This paper reviews literature pertaining to acculturation, ethnic identity, and research comparing and contrasting coping behaviors of Asian American and Caucasian children in order to formulate more culturally relevant coping strategies. The paper introduces additional avoidance and non-confrontational coping strategies through a technique called Later, Gator. It provides a session description of how this skill could be taught in a group setting.


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