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The development of norms of pediatric interpupillary distance

1 May 1993


Interpupillary distances (PDs) were measured on 220 Caucasian children, newborn to six years of age, at fixation distances of 3 m and 40 em. A photographic method was used to determine the distance between the corneal light reflexes provided by the camera flash. The subjects were divided into six groups based on age. The average PDs (mm) for each age group were: Group 1 (newborn-11 months): NA/40.5; Group 2 (12-23 months): 46.5/43.0; Group 3 (24-35 months): 47.5/43.5; Group 4 (36-47 months): 49.5/46.0; Group 5 (48-59 months): 51.0/46.5; Group 6 (60-71 months): 51.0/46.5; far/near respectively.


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