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The inpatient treatment of multiple personality disorder

14 December 1990


This paper includes an overview of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) along with a model plan for an inpatient program for the diagnosis, management and treatment of MPD patients on a mixed psychiatric unit. This program is based on a review of the literature and participation in the development of an inpatient treatment program for MPD. A hospital-based diagnostic service can assist in the comprehensive assessment of suspected MPD patients by facilitating lengthy observation and coordinating diagnostic resources. Once the diagnosis of MPD is made, inpatient admissions can be emergency or elective. The treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder is a complicated and demanding
process. The goal of treatment for MPD is to facilitate the integration of separated personalities found within the individual. Length of treatment in MPD cases ranges from two to five years. The bulk of this therapeutic endeavor can take place in an outpatient therapy, however, hospitalization can provide an intense version of outpatient work. The collaboration of inpatient and outpatient treatment resources is likely to shorten the length of time needed to reach integration. Interest in MPD has waxed and waned in psychology since the 1880's and current treatment strategies are in the pioneering stages. This formalization of a treatment protocol for MPD is intended as a proactive model that can be replicated and can also be used as basis for the study of MPD treatment in different hospitals and residential treatment settings.


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