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The Edema Associated with Pregnancy: A Comparison Study of Static Immersion and Water Aerobics

1 May 1998


Immersion has been shown to be an effective treatment for the edema of pregnancy. This study compared the effects of static immersion with water aerobics on the edema associated with pregnancy. Eighteen healthy women ranging from 20 to 33 weeks of gestation were studied in each of three randomly assigned conditions. These conditions included static standing on land, static immersion and water aerobics and they were tested' at least 48 hours apart. Urine volume, urine specific gravity, subject weight, left leg volume displacement, and vital sighs were assessed before and after each treatment condition. Significant diuresis was found with both the immersion and water aerobics conditions over the land condition. No significant difference was found between the diuretic effects of immersion and water aerobics. Our study results suggest that water aerobics is as beneficial for its diuretic and edema reducing effects as simple immersion and offers the additional benefits of exercise during pregnancy.


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