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Is school mere child's play?: An in-depth look at play in a kindergarten/first multi-aged classroom

1 January 1996


The aim of this study is to paint a holistic picture of how children play in their kindergarten/first grade multi-aged classroom during child-directed times of the day. More specifically, I have focused on observing how students interacted at the given centers and the dynamics which surrounding them.

The purpose of this study is to serve as a reference and aid to novice teachers who wish to implement a center program in their primary grade classroom. Through my work, I have discovered many things that should be considered in setting up center activities in the classroom. I examined a range of things from how the students interacted with each other to the given safety issues surrounding each of the activities.

I have focused on the fact that play serves as a tool for which children use to explore and gain understanding of the world around them. So, we, as primary teachers, should learn to take advantage of this outlet for learning by providing fun and planned opportunities for students to play.


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