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A comparison of EHR technology receptivity and acceptance in a Northwest university psychology training clinician population

13 December 2013


This is a preliminary exploration of electronic health record system implementation acceptance in a graduate student clinical psychologist population. A survey was conducted with a small sample (n=15) of student clinicians at a northwestern university pre- and post-implementation of an EHR system. This survey incorporated measures of a qualitative and quantitative nature. Theoretical constructs explored include technology acceptance, anxiety, self-efficacy, and personality factors that might influence the clinician’s relationship to the EHR system pre- and post- implementation. Overall, there was an increase in negative attitudes towards EHR post-implementation. Clinicians were more likely to find the EHR system useful and feel confident about their abilities in EHR use if they were older and had more experience with computers and EHR systems. Significant findings are minimal and not generalizable due to the small sample size, but do lend support for previous findings in healthcare research around meaningful use and EHR acceptance.


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