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The Efficacy of the Regionalized Trauma Center in Decreasing Mortality in the Trauma Patient

1 January 2009


Background: Through the years injury mortality in the trauma patient has come more into focus and not necessarily in a good way. The question has always remained have we, as providers, offered the best care in a timely, appropriate manner, and in the appropriate setting?

Objective: To search and evaluate articles from the past 16 years in regards to pre and post implementation of regionalized trauma centers. To then evaluate if there is, or has been, any significant reduction in mortality associated with that implementation.

Methods: An exhaustive search of available medical literature with a focus on pre and post implementation of a regional trauma system or center. Mortality needed to be a focus, or part of the discussion, to gain entrance into the articles used.

Results: Nine articles were included in the final paper. The results were varied in their significance however, all the articles showed a decrease in mortality after the implementation of a regional trauma center. With the highest significance noted with the articles that focused on regional trauma centers in Canada.

Conclusion: It appears from reading the 9 articles that were included in the paper as well as articles not, that the conclusion was that there was in fact a significant decrease in patient mortality post implementation of a regional trauma center. However, most articles were directed at urban centers where transport time was less, and a higher level of care was available to the patient, delivering a higher level of intervention sooner.


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