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Learning styles in a second and fifth grade classroom

19 January 1996


Learning styles are a very important part of the classroom curriculum. Every student learns in his/her own unique style. It is the job of the teacher to attempt to match their teaching style to that of the students' learning styles. Matching students' learning styles to the classroom environment can greatly enhance the students success at learning.

The literature I have reviewed recommends that teachers assess the learning styles of their students and attempt to accommodate for those styles. It was further suggested that every teacher can learn to use learning styles as a cornerstone to their teaching. I was interested in observing how teachers compensate for learning styles.

I went into two classrooms (a primary and an intermediate) and studied the students, the teachers and the environment. I interviewed the students, observed the classrooms, and gave inventories. The data I collected showed that there was a great variety of learning styles present in both classrooms. It also showed that there was some discrepancy between the success of students with learning styles other than those of their teacher unless the teacher compensated and attempted to address the students' learning styles.


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