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The propensity for abusiveness scale as an assessment instrument in domestic violence treatment programs

26 July 2002


The Propensity for Abusiveness Scale (PAS; Dutton, 1995ai Dutton, Landolt, Starzomski & Bodnarchuck, 2001) is a self report instrument purported to be a reliable assessment of the "propensity for male abusiveness of a female partner in intimate relationships" (Dutton, 1995a, p. 203). This study attempted to replicate the results of Dutton and his colleagues using an archival clinical sample of 64 men who either had completed or were enrolled in a Washington State Certified Domestic Violence Treatment Program. No practically significant correlations were found between the PAS and reports of intimate abusiveness, as measured by victim reports. These results suggest the PAS may not be appropriate for use in assessing the level of intimate abusiveness of a client in domestic violence treatment. Future research should attempt to replicate previous findings using similar samples and instruments of abusive behavior. ii


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