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Amigos web page

1 December 2000


PURPOSE: To provide current information on the world wide web regarding Pacific College of Optometry's international nonprofit eyecare organization. A mission statement will be placed on the front page. The web page will have a menu which includes current and past trips to international locations, sponsors, by-laws, fundraiser event information, screenings' information, current members, and international health organization links. Included is section which describes each page from the menu options.

Mission Statement: A paragraph will glve a simple explanation of the purpose of Amigos.

TARGET POPULATION: The desired target population will include, but not be limited to, prospective optometry students, prospective sponsors, current members who seek trips, fundraisers, international contacts, and organizations interested in Amigos screenings.

Trips: Trips planned for the current year will be included, with a brief description of where the trip will be, and who will be going (including trip leaders and doctors of optometry) . There will be a list of past years' trips, which will include a brief synopsis for each trip and pictures. This page will also provide potential international contacts the opportunity to initiate interest for an Amigos trip by clicking on the official Amigos email address and sending a message.

Screenings: A list of current screenings will be posted. Organizations who are interested in Amigos screenings will have the opportunity to express interest by clicking on the screening coordinators email address.

Sponsors: A list of current sponsors will be listed, with links to each individual sponsor provided. Interested sponsors may contact us by clicking on the official Amigos email address.

By-Laws: The by-laws will be available. This allows potential sponsors to verify Amigos' nonprofit status, and will provide members, officers, and board members an easy reference to administrative rules and processes.

Members: This page will include a list of current officers, board members, and current members. In the future Amigos officers will have the opportunity to post members' points, so that student members can refer to this page to view what their point totals are. A student application to Amigos will also be included.

Events/Fundraisers: This page will describe current fundraisers, specifically the Eyeball and Optic Cup. Prospective sponsors will have the opportunity to express interest by clicking on Amigos official email address.

Links: A list of world health organizations will be listed with web links to each.

SERVER LOCATION/ACCESSIBILITY: The Amigos web page will be located on Pacific College of Optometry's home page, under the "student organizations" category.


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