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A comparison of the effects of HC II-55 and B&L contact lenses on the cornea

1 March 1981


Pachometry of the central cornea and endothelial cell photography were used to compare two lenses, Hydrocurve II (55% water) and B&L U-4, (38,6% water), Six subjects were used with each wearing both types of tenses, Five other subjects could only wear one type of lens. For each lens baseline data was compared to findings found after full time daily wear, and after full time wear combined with four hours of sleep While wearing the lenses. Two weeks were allowed between lenses during which time no lenses were worn. All findings were compared with paired data t-tests. The results snowed that higher oxygen transmissability as found in HC II-55 lenses caused little corneal compromise with full-time daily wear but had no effect on results from lens wear with sleep, It was also shown that B&L U-4 lenses had significant amounts of edema present under normal wear conditions with little further change occurring with sleep. Endothelial cell count was shown to be too variable for clinical use. Corneal striae were shown to be a possible diagnostic tool for the success of extended wear.


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