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Response styles and duration of episodes of depressed mood: A replication study

26 July 2004


This study replicated the study Response Styles and the Duration of Episodes of Depressed Mood by Nolen-Hoeksema, Morrow, & Fredrickson (1993) and investigated the relationship between response styles to depressed mood and the length and severity of mood. For 30 consecutive days, 46 participants (38 females, 8 males) from two liberal art colleges in Oregon kept track of their moods and their responses to these moods. The comparisons between men and women were not repeated due to the small number of men in the current sample. The subjects demonstrated consistent responses to their depressed moods and the average severity of depressed mood and the average severity on the first day of the episode predicted significant variance in duration of episodes. However, unlike the original study, the average number of ruminative responses, the average number of ruminative responses endorsed on the first day, and sex were not significant predictors.


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