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Undergraduate grade point and optometry admissions test reading comprehension scores as predictors of success on the National Board of Examiners in optometry part I (basic science) examination

4 March 2005


Purpose: In this study, the hypothesis that undergraduate grade point average (GPA) is a better predictor for success (score at or above 300) on the National Board of Examiners in Optometry Part I (Basic Science) (NBEOBS) than scores on the Optometry Admissions Test Reading Comprehension (OATRC) subtest was examined.

Methods: Simple correlation coefficients were computed from data compiled from four consecutive classes graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry students (2000-2004; n = 276).

Results: Although very close, undergraduate GPA proved to be a higher correlation (r = .293) among the 2 variables analyzed. A final analysis including a combination of undergraduate GPA and the OATRC scores resulted in an improved correlation (r = .398).

Conclusions: The results indicate that although undergraduate GPA shows a slightly higher correlation for success on NBEOBS, it is best predicted by a combination of undergraduate GPA and OATRC scores.


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