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A Systematic Utilization Review of a Community Mental Health Program for Latinos

24 July 2009


This study reviewed the utilization of services of the MIOS Program, a mental health program offering therapy, case management, and psychiatric services to uninsured, Spanish-speaking individuals in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. The study was conducted retroactively, using data from the MIOS Program as it was operated as a sub-program of Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare. It was based on a study conducted by Pérez and Fortuna (2005), which described the mental health care needs of undocumented Latino immigrants to the USA. Demographic information as well as diagnoses, time in treatment, immigration information, and utilization of various aspects of the MIOS Program was collected for 100 adult clients enrolled in the MIOS Program during its time with Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare. Description of these variables is provided and recommendations for further mental health services for this population are given. The results of this study reaffirm the importance of providing culturally sensitive and comprehensive treatment to individuals in this population and demonstrate a need for more of these services in the Portland area.


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