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The computer vs. the optometrist: RGP diagnostic trial fitting procedures compared to the EyeSys computer videokeratography system.

1 May 1995


Background: Many practitioners resist fitting rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses due to inadequate experience in RGP lens assessment or because of the time involved in performing a trial fitting. EyeSys feels that their computer aided videokeratography system is as acceptable or better than using trial fitting procedures for rigid gas permeable lenses.

Methods: This study will assess the success of the trial fit vs the EyeSys empirical method of lens fitting. Twenty-nine subjects were fit with each method. One lens design was worn on one eye and the other design was used on the fellow eye. Lenses were rated on a five point grading scale according to patient satisfaction (vision and comfort) and on-eye performance (fitting characteristics, ocular surface changes and alterations in refraction). Subjects were evaluated at the dispense, one week and at four weeks.

Results: The trial fit success rate was 93.1% with the EyeSys succeeding 24.1% of the time. The EyeSys tended to fit lenses significantly steep with narrow edge patterns. Both fitting modalities achieved well positioned lenses, which resulted in little or no ocular surface changes.

Conclusions: Although trial fitting achieved the higher success rate, the EyeSys can be a viable alternative in certain fitting situations as well as for monitoring corneal surface changes.


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