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Gender bias in secondary education

1 December 1995


Gender bias in secondary education is a measurable fact. An acute observer equipped with only a pencil and a sheet of paper can compute the advantages males have over females in most classrooms across America. But much more real than the measurement of bias is the experience of bias. Day after day, year after year, our students of both sexes are adversely affected by this experience. My thesis is an attempt to relate both the quantifiable data of gender bias and the devastating effects of its existence. Using a combination of others' research done on- a" national scale 'and my own observations of local high school classrooms, I have completed a study which intertwines both broad-based and regionally-focused information. The results for the school district in which I live and intend to teach are quite heartening. My work demonstrates that with awareness and training, the plague of gender bias can be swept back into the Middle Ages from whence it crept, and our students can be freed from its crippling effects


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