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An overview of Polaroid sun eyewear: Function, application and market

1 May 2003


Patients are constantly looking for the newest technologies that will assist them in accomplishing the activities that they desire more comfortably and efficiently, in both their personal and professional lives. It is our responsibility as primary care practitioners to be current with the latest advancement in ophthalmic therapies, and effectively pass this knowledge on to our patients. This paper will encompass the properties of specialty protective sun eyewear, emphasizing polarized sunglasses, and how they can be incorporated into a private practice as a viable profit center. The intent is to provide the practitioner with a general overview of the basic properties of light and the history of polarized sunglasses and the functional benefits that they may offer consumers. This review will help to enable a practitioner to feel confident and more comfortable in prescribing and recommending these specialty performance lenses to their patients.


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