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Comparing the swinging plus test to other sighting dominance tests used in the fitting of monovision contact lenses

1 May 2003


In the fitting of monovision contact lenses, the dominant eye or the preferred eye is usually fit with the distance correction. Some consider the Swinging Plus Test to be the most accurate way of determining the dominant eye for fitting monovision. An effort was made to compare the validity of the following sighting dominance tests to the Swinging Plus Test: Near Point of Convergence Break Out, Hole Card Test, Dominant Hand, Anisometropic Differences, and Wink Testing. In the past, dominant eye studies have been conducted on prepresbyopic subjects. This study exclusively used presbyopic subjects. We believe this provides more valid information in the fitting of monovision patients, since most monovision patients are presbyopic. This study showed that only the Hole-Card Test and The Handedness test agreed with the swinging plus test with a high percentage of agreement.


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