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A clinical investigation of the Bausch and Lomb and American Hydron toric soft contact lenses

1 April 1983


A clinical evaluation was made comparing two soft toric lenses currently available. Both lenses are front surface toric lenses utilizing lenticular design to reduce edge thickness, and employing prism ballast for stabilization. In addition, the Hydron lens has an aspheric back surface and uses a truncation for increased stabilization. Eighteen eyes were fit with the Bausch and Lomb lens of which 62.S percent achieved success. Of those successful, 70 percent were wearing the lenses first fit. After one refit or reorder all patients achieved success. Of the 21 eyes fit with the Hydron lens, 80 percent were considered successful. The first fit success rate was 75 percent and after one refit or reorder, all patients achieved success. Pachometry findings revealed that the Hydron lens induced greater corneal thickness increase than the Bausch and Lomb lens.


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