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Planning classroom management: An introduction to reality for future teachers

1 January 1996


Classroom management provides the foundation for this study. Veteran elementary teachers were observed to find out how teachers run their classrooms. The study took place in an elementary school of approximately 500 students. The sites for the observations discussed I throughout the study come from a kindergarten and a third grade.

This study examines ways teachers create functional learning I l environments, especially during the first few days of school when class structures and procedures are established. Other items that are included in this research include how rules and procedures become routine and how classroom management can prevent behavior problems.

In addition to observation, a variety of other techniques were employed. Several veteran teachers were interviewed and/or surveyed about management.

It will become clear to readers that classroom management has a lot to do with the personal style of the teacher, school policies, and students. This study helps readers gain an understanding of a variety of these' styles and examples so that classroom management is not a complete surprise.


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