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Attitiudes toward prostitution and self-reported sexual violence in college men

25 July 2003


Prostitution myths are believed to be a component of culturally supported attitudes that normalize violence against women. Prostitution myths justify the existence of prostitution, promote misinformation about prostitution, and contribute to a social climate harmful to women in general. Identification of attitudes towards prostitution study is central to designing psychoeducational programs and public policy to address the problem of prostitution. This study investigated the relationship between acceptance of prostitution myths and self-reported sexual violence in 394 college men. The results of this study confirmed the author's hypothesis that violent men would uphold prostitution myths to a higher degree than nonviolent men. Results suggest that 1) acceptance of prostitution myths is a component of attitudes that justify violence against women and 2) johns, men who have purchased women in prostitution, are more predisposed towards violence than previously believed.


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