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Chemical dependency counselors' perceptions of patients with co-occurring disorders

17 April 2009


Chemical dependency counselors surveyed in a quasi-experimental design were asked to respond to modified versions of the Profile of Mood States-Short Form (POMS-SF) and the Perceptions of Medical Patients Questionnaire (PMPQ). Investigators compared 178 chemical dependency counselors' responses about patients with alcohol dependency with or without a co-occurring mood disorder. Participants read one of two hypothetical vignettes describing a patient with Alcohol Dependence with or without a co-occurring Major Depressive Disorder. Participants then rated the patient described in their vignette on modified versions of the POMS-SF and the PMPQ. Findings indicated some differences in providers' perceptions of patients with Alcohol Dependence that have a co-occurring mood disorder. Impact on treatment prognoses are discussed, as well as implications for future research.


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