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A comparative study of the Keeler Pulsair non-contact tonometer and the Goldmann applanation tonometer

1 May 1989


In this study the Keeler Pulsair non-contact tonometer was compared to the Goldmann applanation tonometer. lOP measurements from 80 subjects(age 20-76) were utilized. Single Goldmann readings and multiple Keeler readings were taken. Mean Keeler lOP readings were: 12.79 mm Hg with SD 2.6 mm Hg for OD, 12.85 mm Hg with SD 2.3 mm Hg for OS. Mean Goldmann lOP's were: 17.09 mm Hg with SD 2.4 mm Hg for OD and 16.69 mm Hg with SD 2.2 mm Hg for OS. lOP differences between tonometers were significant. The mean difference between tonometers increased as lOP values increased (6 mm Hg difference at lOP's > 20 mm Hg by Goldmann).

The design of the Keeler Pulsair provides certain advantages over the Goldmann method with regard to special patient application and ease of operation.

Our results indicate that there is a need for future comparison studies similar to this paper. The reliability of the Pulsair at higher lOP's should also be investigated further.


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