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An objective and subjective comparison of Clear Care versus various multipurpose solutions

1 December 2001


In this study funded by Ciba Vision, Ciba's Clear Care one-step hydrogen peroxide solution was objectively and subjectively compared to various multipurpose solutions. Twenty-three soft contact lens wearers with various habitual multipurpose solutions (Optifree=5, Complete=6, Renu=ll, Solocare=l) were assigned to either their own solution or the Clear Care solution for disinfection and storage of their lenses for two-week phases. A seven day "wash-out" period without lens wear was completed before each phase to eliminate any corneal staining. At the initial, one-week, and two-week visits, subjects were asked to complete a subjective questionnaire, visual acuity with contact lenses was recorded, and a detailed slit lamp examination of external ocular health was performed. The depth, area and type of any corneal staining was determined by fluorescein staining and documented using a five region template. Clear Care was statistically found (p < 0.001) to provide better overall comfort and vision, and reduced symptoms of dryness to a greater extent than various multipurpose solutions. The depth of corneal staining was consistently found to be superficial and Clear Care was found to have a smaller average area and lesser average type of corneal staining after a two-week period as compared to multipurpose solutions. This study showed that Clear Care is an excellent alternative to multipurpose solutions.


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