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The Integration of Technology and Painting Murals: The Investigation of Assisting the Mural Artists

1 November 2001


Jan Shield and Daniel Galzvez received a grant from the GSA (Governmental Services Administration) to create two 9' x 20' murals titled "Guardians of the Past - Stewards of the Future"on the entry hall of the Department of Interior in Washington, D.C., November, 2000. In order to do this, they first created the models for the murals with a variety of photos from National Geographic. They then created black and white renderings of the model by hand. These black and white models were sent to BDI-USA to make the large-scale high-resolution 9' X 20' prints that were to be painted on. The original black and whites were also scanned into a computer and digitally colored. This digital color model was used in conjunction with the original model made from National Geographic photos to paint the 9' x 20' prints by hand to complete the murals.


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