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Teacher behavior: Motivating student achievement

1 June 1993


Teacher Behavior: Motivating Student Achievement is a paper designed to show the effects the behavior of a teacher has on student motivation to achieve. My purpose is to explain some of the effects that result from teacher behavior, specifically on student motivation to achieve in class. Another purpose of this paper is to help beginning teachers. We would do well to be aware of behavior that motivates students to achieve in class and behavior that does not. The research describes different aspects and meanings of motivation regarding teacher actions and the consequences for the student. The observations of motivation in this paper largely took place in one suburban high school and to a lesser extent in three others. I interviewed teachers, students, and a vice principal, and did a review of the literature. The analysis of the observations and the interviews explains evidence, themes, comparisons, and patterns found in the classroom. The result is information that is intended to provide additional resources for teachers to utilize regarding motivation in the classroom.


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